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Jodie Chesney was stabbed while in a park with friends

A 17-year-old girl was killed in a “very fast” and “completely unexpected” attack, a court has heard.

Jodie Chesney was sitting with friends in a park in Harold Hill, east London, when she was stabbed on 1 March.

One of the group, Kasey Henderson, told the Old Bailey “panic and hysteria” broke out when they realised the girl scout had been attacked.

Manuel Petrovic, 20, Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, 19, both from Romford, and two boys, aged 16 and 17, deny murder.

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Manuel Petrovic (left), Svenson Ong-a-Kwie (right) and two boys (behind) deny murder

The jury heard Mr Henderson had gone to Amy’s Park after he met his twin brother Bryce, Jodie and her boyfriend Eddie Coyle at Romford station.

“We were planning on picking up cannabis from someone and smoking it at the park,” he said.

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Jodie and her friends were filmed on CCTV walking towards Amy’s Park

The 18-year-old said his brother had “called one of our dealers” who “were going to deliver it to the park”.

The court was told Mr Henderson later saw two males enter the park and thought they had stolen his bag when he heard a “ripping” sound and saw them running away.

The jury heard he was then “confused” to find his bag still there, but then “a lot of the panic and hysteria started”.

“Jodie screamed because of the pain and we were all confused by what was going on before we figured it out,” he said.

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The jury has been shown an aerial view of Amy’s park, highlighting the bench where Jodie and her friends were sitting

A 17-year-old girl, who cannot be identified, told the Old Bailey Jodie had turned slightly, and then started to scream.

She said she shone a torch on Jodie’s back and “saw a hole”.

“You could clearly see she had been stabbed because the jacket she had been wearing had fluff on the inside. The jacket had been ripped. The fluff had originally been white and you could see blood,” she said.

The witness then “called the ambulance” but by that point Jodie had stopped screaming “and her eyes started to roll back in her head”, she said.

The trial continues.

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